Why are we Pyramid?

Because in many ways the great Pyramids represent who we are and what our services provide to each client. We are always striving to be the best. Here at Pyramid we understand the importance and impact your decision is on purchasing your new home. Having a quality inspection is a must! With a professionally-trained eye and attention to detail, residential construction and inspection is what we do best. In Texas, home inspection regulations are pretty stringent. With that being said there is still that element of not quite five star services that are provided. That is just the world we live in. You want to be sure that your home inspection is completed with honesty, accuracy and thoroughness that is provided by us here at Pyramid. With our education experience and professionalism we set the bar for our clients. We pride ourselves in our work and do our best to uphold and preserve the general quality of the field home inspection.

The Pyramid represents something of uttermost quality. There is nothing else man made that structurally has stood the test of time like the great pyramids. To us they represent strength, knowledge, accuracy and absolute amazement. With these qualities in mind it made perfect sense to recognize these incredible structures and except there symbol as our mascot.


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